Trees for Bees

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Trees for Bees is a charity which does not only help Bees, but also the environment. We aid the population of bees by helping nature in our orchards and sanctuaries. These provide all the necessary pollen and flowers for the bees to make honey. The trees provide the oxygen required for all the wildlife surrounding our woods, orchards and meadows in Oxford, Staffordshire and Cornwall.

Our proud sponsors - Hivery - provide the bees and hives.
The honey the bees produce is sold and given to the supporters of this local charity. The money collected money is re-invested in the bees so by giving just as little as one pound could be re-invested and re-used to make twenty pounds from the sales of our produce.

Bring your class outdoors with our amazing outdoor learning program

Great for school trips

In the grounds of our Staffordshire site, we have built a new discovery and learning centre, so we can educate children about the environment and help raise awareness for our cause.


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  • Honey bee orchard, Staffordshire
  • Take the left turning after the main roundabout, and the car park is on the direct right.